Karimix is a UK based independent food manufacturer located in Kent, which specializes in bringing the traditional aromas and flavours of South-East Asia and more into the modern kitchen.

The creation of Karimix recipes are greatly influenced and evolved from the unique mixed heritage of the owner and chief creator, a Peranakan, whose origination is from Singapore which is the melting pot of a mixture of Far and South-East Asian cultures and fusion cuisine

In 2007 Karimix first worked on a new brand identity. In 2010, Karimix moved back to Kent, and worked on the 2nd stage of their brand evolution with Oak Creative.

In 2011 this project expended with the new lines Karimix launched. The re-branding exercise brought to light a few optional directions. None of which felt right.

After 3 months of driving the Creative Director of Oak Creative round the bend, Karimix realised the emphasis is on a visually eye-catching icon with great and immediate visual impact.

The K Icon was created – strikingly effective;

Label designs to match each category using colours made it easy to recognise these on the shelf.
The labels were printed with a matt varnish which gives it a soft and slightly 3-dimensional look,

By Autumn 2011 Karimix decided to ventured into the gift pack business and these will be launched with their first order from Lakeland for their Christmas 2012 catalogue. 2013 Christmas gift pack range, 2 have been listed by Lakeland and there has been growing interest.

2013 focus is a brand new website with eCommerce facility to accommodate the demands from the consumers, retails, foodservice and wholesalers will be met. It is still under construction and we hope it will be completed by June. There will be more information on Karimix’s programme as well as a couple of competitions per year.

Karimix’s refreshed brand image has been very well received. The icon symbolises a stamp of endorsement to Karimix’s innovative dedication towards bringing ubiquitous exciting flavours s as well as the creativity and simplicity back in cooking.